The Dreaming Body Project

The Dreaming Body Project is a series of performances based on artistic research of body & mind dream states.

In 00:97 the performers Fernanda Branco (Brazil) and Linda Granlund (Finland) translate images and dream’s sensations into abstract physical expressions, lecture, sound-poetry and object-installations within oneiric atmospheres.

July   8th – 21th
. Artist in Residency
R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz 

Presentation of work-in-progress 14th of July at 18:00 (see full info on the link above).  

As a performance:
 investigates it’s relation with each location, looking to enhance every venue’s unique soul.

October   25th & 26th at 18:00

Scenehuset (Bogstadveien, 49)

November 30th at 18:00 & 22:00

Torshovloftet (Vogstgate, 64)

The Dreaming Body Project collects dream descriptions to be used as potential artistic material in the project. Feel free to share your dreams: Dream by dream – collections from dreamlands