The courses and workshops has been developed since 2005 by Fernanda Branco and Christina Lederhaas as part of their laboratory research.

Branco has as philosophy the use of non-methods. Therefore the elements of research and teachings are constant put in friction and re-locations in order to keep the core and let it go other aspects before they stagnate. There is no right or wrong yet a true search of oneself.

The research is on the sonorous aspect of the text and on the actor’s dramaturgy, focusing on the awakening of primal movements, hidden vocal capacities and creation through the body’s way of thinking.

The work goes towards the organic inner flow of songs, texts and body expressions. The main aspect is to allow voice and body becomes one entity.

The elements of work are: Physical Training, Breath, Stretch, Singing, Vocal Capacities, Text and Creations

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England The Public Project 2005

South-Korea Company Corporal Theater Mmggol 2005

Austria Twin Visions Company – Theater of Oppressed of Vienna    2005/2006


. Casa Laboratório para as Artes do Teatro 2008

. Dance Center Deborah Colker  2006

. Dance School Angel Vianna  2006

. Unirio – University of Rio de Janeiro 2006

. Theater Center – Cine Horto Galpão 2006


. Skuespillersenter – 2010

. Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo – Khio 2008/2009

. Chateu Neuf  – 2 Modules 2006

. Teateret Immaturus 2006

. Nordic Black Theatre 2005

. Weekly Physical Theater Course/Training – Studio MoA (several -since 2005)

. Physical Theater Workshops – Studio MoA (several – since 2005)



Branco gives directions to individual artists and groups during their work in progress.

Branco’s guidance works as an out side eye, which gives new impulses to the work following the artist’s vision and/or giving new possibilities of development for the work through the co-relation between voice and body.

2002 -2004

The Widow Maker and the Dead Man

Various Burlesque Performances of Madeline Brown – London



play: Christopher Grøndahl

director: Hilde Brinchmann Børresens

Chateu Neuf – Oslo

Criação em Dança no Universo Simbólico Brasileiro

Solo dance of Luanda Jacoel

Associação Cultural Cachuera – São Paulo

( * photo of the creation work of Luisa Nobrega – Brasil )