Fernanda Branco (Brazil) photo: Ellen Palmeira

lives in Oslo since 2005 and works as actress and director in the field of Physical Theater for the past 15 years. She graduated at Ecole de Mime Corporel Dramatique (London) and in 2004 together with Christina Lederhaas (Austria) co-founded Branco-Hase Collaboration. During 5 years she took part of a theatrical practice and research lead by Gey Pin Ang (Singapore). In 2011 Branco co-found in Norway together with Luanda Carneiro Jacoel and Deise Nunes ACTS – laboratory for performance practices, which has a program for artistic development in the field of performance. Branco also maintains two steady collaborations with the Norwegian artists Hilde Flikke and Rolf-Erik Nystrøm.

since 2011  ACTS – laboratory for performance practices

2006 – 2011 Theatrical Worksessions lead by Gey Pin Ang

since 2004 Branco-Hase Collaboration

ongoing collaborations

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (musician) – Their wish of working together comes from they being accomplice of each other instinct, witnessing and inter-co-relating with their individual way of expressing. The ancient, primitive rise in their work while the contemporaneous embraces them. (since 2006)

Hilde Flikke  (visual artist) – Their enthusiasm and admiration for artists and art work runs in the same train and there they find place where their work intermingle and it is hard to say what came from who. They mirror different aspects of the same soul. (since 2008)


See here complete CV: Branco CV


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