19:43 the dreaming body

a dance-installation-poetic-concert-performance

with Fernanda Branco & Linda Granlund

taking place in Spring 2013 in Oslo. Support by Oslo Kommune.




Workshop: Body & Voice in Creation

23-25 March

at Radstue, Tromsø – Norway

Organized by RadArt

Supported by Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere

more info:   RadArt


word by word is a collective text creation launched as a Facebook page. The project aims to build it up a text for a performance in 2012. the idea is to start to write and anyone can add words to it. a poetic story line will be created on the way. Branco will create a performance, which will take place in 2012 based on a dramaturgy developed from the final text.

from september


Branco has been working with Linda Granlund, Caroline Jacobsen, Sabrina Sartori and Anne Skaare in a research and practice of voice and movement since. 2 works in progress were created and performed before summer. now the artists works on a research and exchange of practices as well as a performative creation starts to take shape.

from march


MoA’s new program for 2011

ACTS is supported by Norsk Kulturråd and it is an initiative of Fernanda Branco, Luanda Carneiro Jacoel and Deise Nunes.


. Lab I – part II – close group of research on sound landscape and performative creation

The group of 5 artists started to work together on Lab I – Body & Voice in Creations and now gives continuity to the training  and research once a week with the guidance of Fernanda Branco. The focus is on the physicality of voice and on the freedom of movement in a creative process. Towards a development of a wider range of vocal and corporal capacities and of different layers of creation, culminating into a sound installation and a performative creation.

With Linda Granlund, Nina Hellelan, Caroline Jacobsen, Sabrina Sartori and Eli Villanger.

from march

. Day time at Hausmania – closed group of acting practice at Studio MoA

Longing for continuous vocational training and research for physical actors.  A  group where actors meet once a week and have vocal and physical training, exploring and exchanging ideas, experiences, playfulness.  17 Actors with experience of different acting techniques give a day guidance with the intend of sharing methodologies of work in-depth. An initiative of Thales Tornes.

from march





Opens space for professional artists of different backgrounds to share their work. Based on improvisations, the idea is to explore the relations between the different medias and/or individual experiences in a group relation.

For musicians, actors, dancers, singers, performers, light designers, video artists etc.

Every LAST Wednesday at 18:00 Studio MoA





The workshop will research on the sonorous aspect of the text and on the actors’dramaturgy focusing on the awakening of primal movements, hidden vocalcapacities and creation through the body’s way of thinking.

We will work on the organic inner flux of the voice throughout songs and text, combined with body expressions. The main aspect is to allow voice and body to be one entity working freely.

The elements of the work are: physical training, breath, stretch, singing, vocal capacities, text and performative creations.

Dates: 6th, 7th, 8th of October

From: 17:00 to 21:00

Price: 900 Kr

Place: Studio MoA at Kulturhuset Hausmania – Hausmannsgt, 34

Registration: tlf: 93 67 99 37